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  • Pamplin encourages students to pursue their passions
  • Career services helps navigate and connect students to an ever-changing job market
  • Employers are eager to hire Pamplin graduates at career fairs


The thing I love about Pamplin is that they don't expect you to know what you want to do with the rest of your life the minute you walk in the door. You're going to take classes in many of the introductory majors that we have here within the College of Business to help figure out what you like, what you might not like so much. And then, once you do narrow down what it is that you want to do, you'll take those classes with world-renowned professors in your major.

You'll get hands-on experience outside of the classroom working not only with your faculty, but with student organizations, or professionals that are coming back, alumni that are coming back into the classroom. And the Career Services team within Pamplin is going to help you right from day one. They're going to help you with resume reviews, interviewing skills, so when you're ready to meet companies, you're very prepared.

Then, they're going to give you access to all of those companies. They run one of the largest, if not the largest, student-run career fair in the country here. When I graduated, I started working for a firm within my major of study. And so it's been really cool for me to get to give back to the College of Business. So I was able to come down here for the last four or five years, recruit Pamplin students, and meet with them, come to Business Horizons.

I'm also a member of the Accounting Information Systems Emerging Leaders board. We, as an Emerging Leaders Board, get to help out with curriculum development. We get to help out with giving them feedback on what we're seeing in our careers, what we think Pamplin students could benefit from. A lot of the alumni really want to remain engaged, and they want to come back and help out people just like they were helped.

And so there's people from our board, all different companies, all different firms, Northern Virginia, Richmond, Roanoke, Norfolk, Virginia, even into the Carolinas that come back. We meet quarterly. And they really just want to help out the Business School.