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  • Pamplin encourages students to pursue their passions
  • Career services helps navigate and connect students to an ever-changing job market
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My classes have ranged anywhere from about 20 students upwards of 250 students. Every class is filled with so much technology to help you learn. It caters to every learning type, and the professors really try to capitalize on every learning type.

My professors are very helpful. They are always available during their office hours, in class for a little bit after the class is over. They kind of just hang around and have people approach them and ask questions.

They've all come from really amazing backgrounds in industry. They've worked for really top companies, or their research, they're doing things that are cutting edge. We're able to go to talk to them about, how do they apply that in their career, how did the apply that in their research.

I've been able to get referred to companies by professors. I've been able to work one on one with professors on projects that I'm really interested in outside of the classroom. Most of my courses actually are project-based rather than exam-based.

Time management is a skill that I developed through group projects within the classroom. You have other people relying on you, so you have to get things done promptly in order for the group to succeed.

Communication is a huge thing that I've learned. The diversity at Virginia Tech really plays a big role in just learning to communicate with people from all different backgrounds, all different mindsets.

The hands on learning aspect is really important especially for technical degrees, to be able to actually write code and see what you're able to produce from that.

Pamplin Advising is something that I'm super grateful for as a student, because I know I wouldn't be able to do it on my own. They get to know your personality. They get to know your goals, your career goals, your classroom goals, what you want to do extracurricularly, and then they really look to help you make that happen.

Pamplin is a place where you can definitely succeed if you put your best foot forward. There are endless opportunities for you to be successful, and to do everything you thought was imaginable and even more.