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Virginia Tech Pamplin

Beyond the Classroom

  • Student organizations create networking opportunities
  • Faculty and staff are easily accessible to students and want students to succeed
  • Students are offered chances to study abroad and experience other cultures


It's been a lot of fun, actually. I've made it my mission, you could say, to make sure I got involved on campus. Once I got here, I was going to a bunch of interest meetings and things like that, staying involved in a lot of student organizations. It helps establish connections among other students and some other faculty as well. My professor, he's really easy to talk to and really easy to approach.

Pamplin does a great job with connecting you with employers. There's always companies in the atrium, and they want to talk to Pamplin students. In addition, they come each fall and spring to one of the largest career fairs that's student-run on the East Coast called Business Horizons. And each year it sells out, because companies want to come talk to Pamplin students so badly.

There's tons of different opportunities to study abroad. We have programs that range as short as one week all the way up to a semester in places like Italy, Lugano, Switzerland. I've known people to go to Greece, to China.

Pamplin does a really awesome job at just giving a student a really holistic experience to their education and really tailor-making that education fit for them. So go Pamplin.