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Leaders Who Serve

  • Pamplin alumni engage with students and faculty
  • Professors in Pamplin leave a lasting mark on alumni due to their passion and dedication for students
  • Pamplin alumni serve as mentors and advisors to the college
  • Pamplin graduates strive for excellence and live out Virginia Tech's motto: Ut Prosim - That I May Serve
  • Alumni and Corporate Pamplin Advisory Council

I think the thing that I learned the most from Pamplin, and Virginia Tech in general, is really striving for excellence. And that work ethic. I mean, we have sort of the service mentality, and that has served me so well in my role at KPMG. That we're leaders who serve, we're rolling up our sleeves, and I think I got that mindset from my time at Virginia Tech.

My favorite professor when I was at Pamplin, and he remains my favorite professor today, is Bob Brown. And it's really because he had a passion for teaching. He still has a passion for teaching. And he really cares about the students, and I think that makes a huge difference when you're young and making big decisions about what to do next.

My advice for students who are at Pamplin, and Virginia Tech in general, is to get involved. I mean, this is the perfect opportunity in these four years, just to make the most of it. Those bonds that you make here, the people that you meet, the service that you do while you here will serve you so well in the future. So take advantage of that.