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  • Pamplin alumni stay connected with students and faculty on campus
  • Pamplin alumni are proud of Virginia Tech's community
  • Student organizations help develop students professionally
  • Pamplin helps students gain connections through networking
  • Alumni & Corporate


I grew up listening to my parents talk passionately about their alma mater, Virginia Tech, and I knew from a young age it was a community that I desperately wanted to be a part of.

My involvement in Pamplin student organizations has not only connected me to fellow students, but it's also connected me with Pamplin's extensive alumni network. Through this, so many doors have been opened for me. One of them was my internship from this past summer, and because of that internship, I've now found my full-time job. And I'll be joining Deloitte Consulting's Human Capital practice in Washington, DC.

There are so many events and workshops that Pamplin puts on in which students can gain lots of valuable skills, such as networking.